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We Are

GULAR Technology is a young and innovative company managed by a team of cyber experts with in-depth knowledge and vast experience in mobile and endpoint security and cyber-attack methodology. We are developers and providers of advanced and comprehensive end-to-end cyber security products and solutions. We provide cutting-edge cyber products and solutions to government agencies and private sector customers around the world.

GULAR Technology ensures communication of your organization and employees is safe and protected, matching the threat level and organizational policies to the top level of security.

Our versatile portfolio ranges from hardened platforms for anonymous web browsing, serving the most sensitive personnel, to powerful mobile threat defense apps and customized cyber security solutions, continuously protecting organizational assets. Our products highlight mobile functionality, usability and efficiency with uncompromising security.



  • Anonymity with different tools (effective masking your actual IP address, VPN, TOR);
  • Protection from X-KEYSCORE, PRISM and DPI harvesting;
  • Access to Deep Web and Dark Net
  • Hide from Big Data, Marketing Efforts and Hackers;
  • Bypass Censorship;
  • Automated Handshake Collection;
  • Encryption of all transmitted data;


  • Premium class local solution;
  • Centralized Communication Security for users;
  • Encrypted voice, messenger and mail;
  • Encrypted secure file transfer;
  • Control and management of all company's communication;


  • Store and Analyze Mass collection of Internet Usage events by all subscribers of Mobile Services Providers!
  • Based on GTP-C v1/v2 traffic from mobile operators;
  • No additional infrastructure between Service Providers and the Customer;
  • Analyze subscribers behavior;

Product specifications


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Top Level Of Mobile Communication Security

For security-minded end users who Do Not trust a regular "off-the-shelf" Mobile OS

  • Avert most dangerous threats to your communication;

  • Avoid eavesdropping and interception;

  • Avoid information leaks;

  • Enjoy sterile working environment designed exclusively for your most sensitive information;

GULAR Location and Billing system

Main features:

  • Storage of information about Internet use of all subscribers (with reference to IP address, MSISDN, IMEI and IMSI);

  • Storage of location data of all subscribers of mobile operators;

  • Display subscriber's location on an interactive map;

  • Detailed analysis and visualization of stored data, including the following:

  • Control of Area selected on map;

  • Monitoring of meetings/encounters of two or more subscribers;

  • Defining of phones used;

  • Control subscribers' movement;

  • Graphs of telephone and mobile numbers;

  • Integration with mobile operators' subscribers database;



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